Service Bays

In 2006 we built a new state of the art building to house Diesel Specialist of Green Bay. In keeping with our tradition of always meeting the needs of our customers and the aging of the electronic controlled engines, we anticipated the customers need to bring some of the biggest equipment in for trouble shooting and repair. We have large 16 x 16 doors, 24 ceiling height, 80 deep stalls we can get just about anything in. We equip the shop with 7 tons (2 ton jib, 3 ton overhead bridge, 2 ton jib) of overhead cranes to speed major repairs. With this building, it allows our staff to work efficiently, safely and reach their potential as Diesel Specialists.
Newly installed 18,000 lb truck lift, speeds up
repairs on the larger trucks!

AT Diesel Specialists we do it all! From  engines to D.O.T. Inspections!