Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do partial repairs when requested by the customer?
Yes we do. After assessing the problem, we will call and advise the customer of any and all issues and give a quote. We will then proceed as advised by the customer.

Do you have exchange pumps and injectors?
Yes. We have a large supply of common pumps and injectors in our inventory.

Can I have my pump rebuilt even if you have an exchange pump on hand?
Yes. We can rebuild your pump and not exceed the exchange price.

If I have you rebuild my pump, can I get a special calibration?
Yes. We can make calibration changes as indicated by you, the customer.

Can I bring my vehicle or equipment to your shop and have the work done there?
Yes. The four truck bays in our new shop have been designed exactly for that kind of work.

Are you able to come to my site for repairs?
Yes. We can come to your site to do repairs or just help retime your engine.

Will you repair by Bosch VP44 or VP30?
Yes. We can disassemble and quote, not to exceed our rebuild price. Depending on the repairs needed, sometimes there is money to be saved.

Does your shop have the OEM electronic scan tools?
Yes. We use all OEM scan tools in the diagnostics of your vehicle or equipment.

Do you sell only new starters and alternators?
No. We have rebuilt or exchange units or we can rebuild yours.

What type of turbos do you have?
We can supply almost all of the turbos brought into our shop with new, reman or a cartridge.